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The Truth About SEO for Small And Large Online Businesses!

For localized businesses in small cities and towns, SEO can be less competitive. The less localized businesses, (national and international), SEO can be more competitive, and in most cases, unbelievably time-consuming and expensive for sure.
SEO for small businesses is about the true fundamentals — smart keyword research, application of those keywords, quality content creation, and helpful backlinks from real sources. As a small online business you have two choices…go big or find a niche!

If you’re a large corporation, the solution is simple: They throw huge amounts of money at the problem until they start showing up on page one of the search engines. As for many small companies, they surely don’t have the resources to compete and must do their homework and find a smaller segment within your target audience, especially when using PPC programs.
For example, I have a client who has a small construction business in Seattle. With Seattle’s recent boom, the new home construction competition is fierce. If you are trying to get to the first page of Google using the keyphrase “Seattle Custom Home Builders”, good luck. Also, if you use the Pay-Per-Click option, it’s over $7.00.
My solution was to find specific city areas around Seattle to target. You will find your site on the first or second page and in most cases, the Pay-Per-Click is less than $2.00.
So, you have a small to medium-size online business and want to get better search engine results.
So what do I do you say to yourself? And I’m really not experienced with Seo. How do I find help!
First, don’t get fooled by some private or company SEO agencies who ALWAYS say, “We will get your business website to the first page of Google. What they are really saying is, “We will try hard to get your business website to the first page of Google, and the more money you spend, the harder we will try.

There really are some great knowledgeable people out there. Your job is to find one who is willing to work with you on a more personable basis. SEO results don’t happen overnight and being able to communicate and feel comfortable talking to them is important.
A prospective client contacted me and needed SEO help. He wisely asked me, “How can I trust you that you know what your doing?… I can’t call your previous clients he said!” Without scratching my head, I told him that I would take one of his website pages, of my choice, and get it to the 1st or second page of Google.
Within a week or so, I got his page in the middle of the first page of Google. He has been a client of mine now for two years and I do all sorts of projects for him as well as Social Media projects.
Do some SEO homework, find your business niche and find a smaller segment within your target audience.
You can always get what you want and what you need if you do your homework.
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